Six key tips to refresh your lifestyle

It happens to the best of us, we find ourselves run down, tired, stressed and on the verge of a quarter-life crisis, ok maybe that last one is just me!

We are constantly striving to be our best and pushing our mental and physical boundaries, but when I find yourself hitting a wall and feeling overwhelmed there are 6 rules I go by to refresh my mind, body and soul.


1.     Tune out

Whether its hip hop, classical, rnb or rock, music has the capability to shift our mood. It affects our subconscious mind where sometimes we can get lost in negative thoughts and fears. A little while ago a friend introduced me to the Etta Jones Pandora playlist – ever since then I find myself playing this whenever I need to zone out and refresh (even though at heart I am a hip hop/ rnb girl).


2.     Hydrate

All of your bodies organs, including the brain need water to function properly. Not properly hydrating can lead to your body not working at its full potential, creating stress and fatigue. Some studies have shown the link between hydrations and cortisol levels, even as little as half a liter of water has shown an increase in the stress hormones levels.


3.     Perimeter shopping

Yes, this sounds weird. Perimeter shopping what is that? Well we know fueling our bodies with the right foods plays a major role in creating a healthy lifestyle for your mind, body and soul. My biggest issue is, if it’s in my kitchen – I’m going to eat it! So I make sure my kitchen is packed with all the good stuff. By shopping the perimeter at the grocery store you get all the good stuff – fresh fruits and vegetables, proteins, whole grains, seafood, etc.


4.     Yoga

It wasn’t until a few months ago that I experienced by first yoga session that made me feel invigorated, empowered and at the same time carefree. I was very hesitant to try out a session at Yo Yoga. I have tried many yoga sessions before and find it very hard to relax my mind (my mind runs at 100km/hr 24 hours a day) but this session was different. Firstly, it’s to hip hop – what’s there not to love, I get to get my downward dog on and shake my booty like I’m Beyoncé at the same time. Secondly, the atmosphere is something different – I feel supported and not intimidated (I am probably the most uncoordinated yoga student you will ever meet). Yoga may not be your thing, but what you need to do is find your yoga – your means to let go and feel motivated to take on the world!


5.     Organise yo’ self

Write a list, keep a diary, use your calendar! All of the above are proven methods to keep you on track, motivated, focused and productive (when I say proven methods I mean they work for me!). My favourite method is Google Keep, I sync it with my phone, laptop and share certain lists with my Manager and Supervisor so we all know what needs to get done. Delegating also plays a big role when organizing yourself. For me delegating was and still is something I find very hard. I have built my business from nothing, it is my baby, and trusting someone else to do a certain job that will impact my business is terrifying. That is where my next point comes in play….


6.     Surround yourself with the right people

This is a key tip for both my professional and personal life (sometimes they overlap – and that’s ok!). Having the right dedicated and committed team back you is a game changer – trust me, I know this now that I have a kick ass team #TeamBliss. I also have a handful of friends who help me stay focused and motivated – they will encourage me, guide me and when I need it tell me “you got this”, and most importantly always there for me when I just need a hug. Gratitude is something I strongly believe in, this is why I try to let these influential and supportive friends know what they mean to me, even if I do get a little emotional and end up sending them an essay text.