Summer, nothing but blue skies, sunny days, and endless happy hours, but also the most common time for your hair to look a…. crispy! Yep you know it, dry hair!

We have all been there, and it’s the most annoying (but easy to fix) problem you can endure in summer! Especially if your a little more relaxed with your hair styling over the warmer months! So how can you keep your hair shiny and luscious when the temperature rises? Heres how!


For fine haired babes, you need to focus on changing your routine. You might be prone to having really limp hair in Summer because the humidity and heat just kill your fine locks and make it flat and boring. Use a really light shampoo (something that will add volume, or be a colour protecting shampoo), then when it comes to conditioner- skip it! 

Using products post shower will actually keep your hair really fresh and shiny without being to flat from using a silky conditioner. Also, don't overload the hair with too much product as the heat will totally melt the product and soften any style.


For medium haired ladies, its all about balance! On the days I need long jeopardy out of a style or I need flawless shiny hair- I shampoo, skip conditioner, and apply a really luxe hair oil to my locks just to seal the ends, and keep the roots nice and clean. 

Medium hair density can be one of the trickiest because there is such a fine line between frizz factor, and limp flat hair. On the days where I am a little more low key and carefree with my hair, I shampoo, condition, and leave it dry naturally! This just lets the hair breathe without being saturated in more product, and if I need to straighten it once its dry, I just use a spray heat protectant instead of a balm- so much lighter!


Thick haired beauties! I have a feeling you cringe at the thought of summer frizz? There are some really easy ways for you to fight it! When you shampoo, you must absolutely do it twice! Back to back, the first one breaks the seal and really removes any build up and excess product, the second shampoo is the cleaning agent and is what really helps those frizzies sit flat. Make sure that your shampoo is a really rich feeling product too, if its clear (or tinted but you can see through it) its too light!! You need thick, rich products because that’s what will be heavy enough to control the frizz! 

Next you need to condition, I always recommend you comb the conditioner through and make sure if you have knotty hair, you brush them out before you get out of the shower, it will save you the frustration later. Towel drying frizzy prone hair is also a bit of a skill- do not rub! Rubbing the cuticles opens them up and makes the hair MORE frizzy! Just blot it dry and apply a leave in conditioner or smoothing oil/ balm.

When drying thick or frizzy prone hair, always use a brush to guide the hair in the direction you want it to fall, same goes for straightening or curling. Finish with a little more balm or oil (pea sized amount) and let it cool down before you touch it again.

A few other tips for lush, shiny hair this season:

  • the water doesn't need to be as warm as it does when you shower in winter! Keep the temperature a touch cooler and you will really notice a difference in the health of your hair!
  • sometimes you don't need a whole colour revamp, but just having a toner or fresh rinse over your hair will add serious shine, and make it more manageable because the hair is filled with colour.
  • Avoid going over and over your hair with the straightener! By going over the hair once or twice at a slower speed, you will get much smoother and healthier results! 
  • If you are at home, or having a lazy night in, put a hair treatment in and leave it over night! You will thank me later! 




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