Spring detoxing and Spring cleaning will be in full swing, along with the warm air comes fresh faced skin! It is important for us to respect our bodies and our skin, and using amazing foods that are readily available in Spring that contain a tonne of nutrients, phytochemicals and enzymes that work synergistically to keep us looking and feeling healthy!  

Here are some tips how to make sure you have amazing skin for spring and well into Summer!

Clear Skin Foods

Summer is here and one of the best thing about summer is going to the beach fresh- faced! Here are some amazing foods that have properties in them that are perfect inclusions for those beach snacks, and also keep your skin looking amazing well into autumn!

Nuts- The perfect beach snack for summer, and packed full of skin goodness including magnesium, Manganese, calcium, and selenium all essential for skin health.

Add some trial mix such as Brazil nuts, pumpkin seeds and also some almonds to your day to day regime for clearer skin!

Coconuts-  The water from coconuts are great natural hydration and also contains potassium which is an important electrolyte.  We all know skin needs hydration so coconut water is great for the skin!

Berries- Perfect Summer food and fruit at your disposable! Not only are these packed full of nutrients they are perfect for clearing skin! They are super high in anti- oxidants.

Tomatoes - Tomatoes in salad, tomatoes in juice and perfect for our skin.  As well as being rich in Vitamin C, it also helps aid collagen production which means… looking younger J

Bitter foods such as Kale, dandelion all wake up your digestion which might have been in hibernation from winter, a good digestion = good skin!

Nutrients for Clear Skin

Selenium is a powerful mineral that is responsible for maintaining skin firmness.  Foods high in this goodness is tuna, walnuts, brown rice and onion.

Omega 3s -  EFAs are responsible for skin repair and skin durability like flexibility.  Our bodies don’t produce these so it’s important we have enough sardines, flaxseeds chia seeds and also oily fish like salmon to get these.

Zinc- is imperative for skin health, it helps with wound healing.  To have glowing skin it’s important to have pumpkin seeds, ginger and mushrooms.

Having a wholefood regime, and proper hydration will really keep you glowing from the inside out, as they say beauty really does begin in the belly!



Jess Blair is a naturopath and nutritionist in Brisbane. Her philosophy is about educating her clients to be the best and healthiest versions of themselves. 

 IG - @wellnessbyblair | FB - fb.com/wellnessbyblair