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Do you get confused and overwhelmed on what you should eat? Your body is always talking to you - You just have to stop and listen.

We have people saying too much fruit is not good for you, eating grains causes inflammation, dairy free diets are the way to go, oh and lose 5 kilos in a week fad diet! This confusion, stress & complication surrounding food causes us to think about food in an obsessive and unhealthy way, restriction and cutting out food groups can lead to nutrient deficiencies, emotional eating, uncontrollable cravings, bingeing, orthorexia and body image issues. 

Ridged food rules backfire! And are not sustainable long term. Commit to eating a healthy, wholesome, balanced diet that's just right for your unique body, including healthy indulgence, no guilt no deprivation. Trust yourself and trust your body! 


No one way of eating is perfect for everyone. Also the way you eat is affected by where you live and the season, winter, cravings of soups and stews and summer, the freshness of salads and fresh fruit. Keep in mind that what foods are working for you right now might not in the future, so be mindful of that. 

Ok so how do you connect with your body and what it's trying to tell you in relation to the foods you should be eating? Try this, ask yourself, how do I feel after eating this food? Do I feel bloated, tired ? Or perhaps energised, take note and maybe write it down in a food diary. 

The same goes for cravings, why am I craving potatoes and pasta sooooo much? Have you been over restrictive with carbs lately? Your body may be giving you these cravings because it needs and wants some carbs!! NOW !! So go on, give your body the healthiest, best version possible ... HELLO sweet potato fries!! YUMMMM! Your body will thank you for it, you will feel satisfied and this will stop any bingeing and further cravings. 

Ultimately the key is tuning into your body and its signals. Your body never gets it wrong, it's the smartest thing you know!! So there you have it, a bit of food for thought and an intuitive, balanced way of knowing what foods to eat for YOU! Keeping you happy and healthy, mind body and soul! 



Michelle Badoco is a female Health and Wellness Coach with a passion for helping women have a healthy relationship with food. Her practice centres around food cravings & obsession, emotional eating, weight issues and learning how feel in control with food. With her one on one coaching, clients learn a BALANCED approached to life, food and weight. Michelle not only looks at nutrition but also how we can nourish, improve an support all the other areas of their life.

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