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Modern life is as busy as ever. We are all expected to be more productive, work longer hours and be on top of our commitments, day in and day out. And let’s face it: sometimes it’s all too much. Sometimes you just need a break, some me-time to refresh your mind and energy so you can continue to kick ass. But maybe you’ve just come from a holiday or a big event and you don’t have a lot of cash to throw around on a full spa treatment, or maybe you’re super stressed with deadlines and only have an hour free in the week to yourself.

Enter Bebe Face (pronounced ‘baby face’) facial bar.

Located in a beautiful strip by the river in Brisbane’s Teneriffe, this facial bar is the perfect excuse for you to get some well-deserved R & R. I made my way there earlier this week to see what all the buzz was about – I had never been to a beauty salon or had a facial before, and with a barrage of assignments incoming, I thought this would be the perfect chance to decompress and prepare myself. Upon stepping into the exquisite, elegantly gold-detailed space, I was greeted by one of Bebe Face’s facial therapists, Judi, who offered me tea and walked me through the concept.

So what is Bebe Face?

Founded by Isabella Walker – who also fronts the well-loved Bella Brows, which is just next door—Bebe Face aims to give their clients an express facial experience that focuses on delivering natural and non-invasive care. ‘Express’ does not mean quick or rushed, though—rather, it means less-fuss for you; you can come in after a long day and simply recline in the chair, de-stress, and leave the rest to them. Every facial starts at 45 minutes and you can choose add-ons if you’ve got more time and would like to add more to the experience; these add-ons include pore extractions, peels, and treatments to brighten your skin. It’s also a lot cheaper to treat yourself at Bebe Face: prices start at $70 and add-ons cost as little as $10.

Okay, so why Bebe Face?

The best part about  Bebe Face is it’s customised to your needs and the products feature natural ingredients that are not harsh on your skin. Their menu has an array of facials with different effects – you can let your therapist know that your skin is feeling dry and you need some hydration, or that you want to rebalance your skin and help to clear break-outs, and so on. There’s something for everything and everyone!

I told Judi I was looking to refresh and hydrate my skin; being a time-poor uni student, my skin was suffering from dryness and dullness after many late nights. She got me started on Eminence, one of the two brands Bebe Face uses, after I explained that I prioritise using cruelty-free products in my skincare routine.

What does a Bebe Face facial involve?

Judi began with the Stone Crop cleansing oil, which removed my make-up and overall cleared my skin to give a good base for the next products. She then massaged some Neroli age-corrective eye serum and Rosehip Triple C + E firming oil into my skin to stimulate collagen production, before turning on some steam to help open my pores. As the steam was going, Judi rubbed in a strawberry rhubarb dermafoliant, which features lactic acid and is designed to clear dead skin cells and any dirt. The strawberry exfoliant was easily one of my favourite products – it smelt heavenly and I could really feel my skin being refreshed.

After wiping the exfoliant from my skin, Judi then used these incredible tools that looked like blue light-bulbs to massage my face. Laughing after I told her my observation, she explained that they are glass tools that they fill with water and store in the fridge to keep them cool. Isabella had seen them in a beauty salon in Los Angeles and had loved the concept so much that she brought them to Bebe Face – and boy, am I glad she did! The glass orbs were a nice cool sensation, helping to calm my skin after the exfoliation.

I was thinking, Surely this can’t get any better, when Judi brought out the firm skin Acai Masque, which somehow smelt even better than the strawberry exfoliant. She left this on for a while as she gave me a hand massage and told me how great it is to work at Bebe Face – Isabella and all the staff, she said, are so passionate, and for her the best part was getting to know about so many great products and being able to give people this little slice of relaxation.

To finish off, Judi spritzed my skin with Stone Crop hydrating mist and smoothed in some Eminence moisturiser. By then, I felt as though I had come from a nice afternoon nap, my skin was glowing and refreshed, and I felt ready to take on the world.

The Verdict

My first facial experience was a wonderful experience, thanks to Judi and the team at Bebe Face. Like all their other clients who have become enamoured with the concept, products and overall experience, I found myself constantly feeling like I was in caring and capable hands with a treatment tailored to me.

My top 3 favourite products would have to be:

1. Stone Crop Cleansing Oil

This is the perfect solution for when you need to clean your skin but you don’t want it to be too dry or too oily. By rubbing this into your skin, it removes your make up whilst also keeping your natural oils balanced and your skin well hydrated.

2. Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant with lactic acid

This product is a triple threat – not only does it smell nice and feel good, but it has the added benefit of refreshing your skin by removing any leftover built-up dirt and dead skin cells, giving your face a nice, healthy glow.

3. Firm Skin Acai Masque

This heavenly skin masque was the cherry-on-top of the experience. Designed to plump and rejuvenate the skin, this masque felt every bit as refreshing as an acai skin food product should. It also smelt delicious and would be an easy product to integrate into your regular skin routine.

If you’re interested in knowing more about the products that were used in your facial, you can ask Bebe Face’s facial therapists to give you more information after your treatment (as I did!) – they can provide you with samples, and you can also choose to purchase any you’d like to use regularly.

Overall, I would definitely recommend Bebe Face’s personalised express facials to anyone looking to give themselves a time-out from work, deadlines and other commitments without feeling regret afterwards for having spent too much money or time. Taking time out of our busy lives is difficult, especially when our routines are jam-packed, but any time spent nurturing our mind and emotional health is time well-spent.

Ro xx

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