Christmas Gift Guide with Arc + Family

It’s that time of year again—you’re lying in bed in the morning and it hits you that there is little under a month till Christmas and you haven’t even started thinking about what you’re going to get everyone. There are fewer things scarier than this realisation, but luckily, there are Christmas giftguides out there to help you out and this is one of them.

This guide is themed around the aesthetic wonderland of Arc + Family Pots. Founded in 2014, Arc + Family Pots is a family business run by Ash and Ben Keily that specialises in hand-painted pots, among many other goodies. They also run El’ Rosa, the Pink Paradise cafe next door to their bricks and mortar Arc + Family store on James Street.

Whether you are buying gifts for your parents, your siblings, grandparents or friends, Arc + Family has something for everyone! This guide will give you an idea of all the special things they have to offer.

For Dad

The age-old question: what to buy dear Dad? For many of us, this gift is the hardest to think of. Dads usually have everything they need, so the job is often to think of something they don’t yet know what they want. Arc + Family makes it easy with these reusable ceramic coffee cups.

These reusable coffee cups are $45 each and come in a range of colours and designs. And if your dad doesn’t drink coffee, no worries! There’s nothing stopping you from putting all sorts of drinks in here—tea, Red Bull, beer...

For Mum

No matter what your mum is like, plants are a great gift with meaning. Got a busy career-woman mother? Let this plant bring her a spot of brightness in her office. Or maybe your mum works night shifts—she can tend to these plants in her spare hours during the day. Perhaps your mum has just had another baby—this plant can remind her that she’s nurturing all sorts of life in her hands. Whatever the case, there is a potted plant for every kind of mother at Arc + Family.

These potted plants and succulents start from $45 – prices depend on the type and size of the pot. Your best bet would be to pop by the James Street store to check out the gorgeous hand-painted pots and pick one out especially for your mother.

For Grandparents

So many of our fondest memories come from time spent with our grandparents, away in a world where nothing matters except for good food and hugs. Give back the gift of comfort with these cosy pillows and throws.

Available in a variety of colours and patterns, prices for these cushy home accessories start at $55. Visit the store to try them out on all the seats decorating the shop interior.

For Friends

One of the best gifts you can give a friend is the opportunity for them to get some self-care into their routine. Once again, Arc + Family has a solution for that, too—they are a stockist of Salt by Hendrix, a plant-based organic skincare brand. There are a range of products available in-store, such as body oils, scrubs, eye crèmes, and so on, all of which are incredibly affordable—these skincare beauties will only set you back $30-$40.

There are also a range of beautiful framed prints on the walls that you can purchase. While these are on the more dear side of this gift guide’s average price range, with each framed print coming at around $300-$400 a pop, they make a great statement piece for home interiors—a great gift idea for friends who have just moved into a house or are looking to renovate.

These gifts for your friends would work for your siblings, too! Let them know you care (no matter how much they may get on your nerves) by introducing some new skincare or art into their lives.

While you’re at it, you can show your friends how much you care with these cactus-themed cards; it’s always *sweet* to tell your friends what special pricks they are, right?

As you’ve seen, Arc + Family Pots has a range of products to get you going with your Christmas shopping. In addition to the ideas listed, you can also order your own custom-colour hand-painted pots through their website or in-store—you can choose from a variety of sizes, pot types, colours and designs. The best part is they ship Australia-wide and do wholesale orders, too, so you can have these beautiful pots around you not just during Christmas, but all-year round.

So there you have it! Hopefully this guide has shown you why Arc + Family is a great place to start getting organised for Christmas, as well as given you ideas for how to treat all the special people in your life. Wishing you all this best for this upcoming holiday season!



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