Strong body, stronger mind

SoBa is taking busy out of their vocabulary and replaced it with “mindful”. This is not a quick fix, or a 45-minute session you smash out for the sake of getting it done. SoBa offer a lifestyle change, bringing exercise back to basics, reminding us of the ultimate goal of movement: to feel good. SoBa provide the tools to curate the raw and real life you want – one that will equally serve your heart, mind and body.

Growing from their original barre studio in west end, Barre Brisbane, SoBa have evolved into three wholesome studios (west end, new farm + northside) focusing on the link between the mind and movement. SoBa’s practices include a variety of barre, pilates, flow, stretch and mindfulness classes. Open seven days a week, the studios are a place to be raw, real, sweat and move your body, but also to give yourself permission to pause, breathe and reconnect with your true nature.


What do you think of when you hear mindfulness? What about meditation? Sitting on a mat chanting “omm” for hours on end? The majority of people are scared to stop and listen to their inner voice and have this warped perception that meditation is for the ‘chickpea loving, bare foot, extremist’. In a world overflowing with green smoothies and soul searching, SoBa assists you to drift through your work/life blend, prioritise self-care and make inner peace accessible. SoBa’s signature class, c r e a t e y o u r s t a t e is a full sensory ‘sweat-free’ experience where you will be guided into relaxation lying on the mat with pillow, blanket and eye mask, while the instructor tends to each person with essential oils, hot cloths and a pressure point massage.

SoBa also venture into the wild to provide a tailored experience for corporate workplaces and schools. Partnering with Miss Bliss catering, they offer an all inclusive healthy hens package for brides-to- be, located anywhere from byron to noosa.


Q & A with SoBa HQ

Ash, Owner + She-wolf
Q: What do you love most about what you do?
A: I absolutely love connecting with people, on any level. From a simple smile in class, to a laugh about a mutual love or a 20 minute in depth conversation about life little challenges we all receive.

Gabi, Creative Coordinator + Pain Master
Q: Best tip for new comers?
A: It’s okay to feel clunky. Keep coming, keep trying. The classes won’t get easier, you will just get smoother and feel better with each.

Sammy, Media Coordinator + Flexibility Queen
Q: Favourite class to teach?
A: Barre move - it’s a little more upbeat, exercises are more intense and the vibe in the room is always infectious! 
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