Miss Bliss guide to Riverfire 2018


I am a born and bred Brisbanite. I might be biased, but boy does Brisbane have my heart. Even when I was away last month on a catering job in Mykonos, flying back into Brisbane gave me such a sense of joy and excitement.

I have always lived near Brisbane City. Since I was 18, I have always been close to Brisbane River and West end. This means I have been lucky enough to experience some amazing views of Riverfire. It is one of the main nights where the Brisbane sky is lit up like a rainbow to mark the end of Brisbane Festival.

If you are anything like me, you need a plan. But do not worry! Team Bliss are here to the rescue with our TOP TIPS to have an amazing 2018 Riverfire!


1. Find the best vantage point.

Whether it’s on the frontline, on an apartment rooftop or high up on Mt Cootha. According to the Miss Bliss team, these are your best public vantage points: Victoria Bridge, South Bank, Dock Street, Botanical Gardens, Eagle St Pier, Captain Burke Park.

PSST! These are our favourite and best secret spots (with less of a crowd): Collins Road (Ferny Hills), Stuartholme rd (Bardon), Camp Hill Bowls Club on Ferguson rd (Camp Hill), Bartley's Lookout (Ascot), Forbes St (Hawthorne) and Trammies Corner (Paddington).

Staff tip (from Jacqui): Find a friend who lives in an apartment with an epic view… offer to bring a platter and get yourself an invite over… food is always the best bribe!

2. Be prepared.

I still can’t understand how some people camp out from 8am the morning of Riverfire to get the perfect view…that takes dedication and a lot of preparation. Make sure you have your game plane sorted (and the whole crew know about it). Cover all of the bases!

Camping out for the perfect public spot. Don’t forget these essentials: picnic blankets? drinks? food? portable charger?

Got yourself a sweet private vantage point from someone’s house or workplace, have you organised the following: transport? food? drinks?

Not the worlds best cook? No problem! Lucky for you we have the perfect selection of platters for the evening, Our most popular, Cherish Platter, a shared platter catered to your preference - perfect to snack on while waiting for the fireworks to start.

Staff tip: (Scarlett, head chef) Pack yourself a jumper or jacket. You may not think you need it when you leave the house in the afternoon, but it can get quite chilly!

3. Remember the road closures.

Without a doubt, I always forget. Every. Single. Year! Don’t be like me, check them so you don’t get stuck in a loop around South Bank for 2 hours (true story and one that has unfortunately happened, more than once).

CLOSURES - Victoria Bridge, Goodwill Bridge, Brisbane Riverwalk (New Farm), Story Bridge.

4. Enjoy yourself!

Put down the phone, the gram is already flooded with boomerangs, images and videos of the fireworks. Connect with the people around you and take in our beautiful city. Take a moment while the fireworks are happening to look around at everyone else’s expressions of joy and awe.

Staff tip: (Emily, FOH Supervisor) Surround yourself with a good group of friends and a delicious platter.

Whatever you end up doing this Riverfire, make sure it is a memorable one, surrounded by people you enjoy!

xx MB