Paradise 4 Kids (P4K) is a non-profit organisation that supports Reverend Themi in his mission to provide FOOD, CLOTHING, EDUCATION, SHELTER and CARE to the many people in dire need of assistance in Africa. Currently situated in Sierra Leone, West Africa raising funds to build 3 orphanages for children who lost their families during the Ebola crisis. In 2012, Jacqui aka the real miss bliss embarked on a trip of a lifetime when she travelled to Sierra Leone to visit children in an orphanage of her chosen charity, Paradise 4 Kids, support with much needed fundraising and aid. Needless to say, this visit changed the way that Jacqui viewed the world and since then she has promised to do everything that she can to make a difference. When Jacqui decided to open Miss Bliss Whole Foods Kitchen, she pledged to continue her charitable support by donating 20c from every cup of coffee.

Did you know that $20 would feed 4 children for a whole month? So every 100 coffees sold is a month’s worth of food for 4 children. The simple and easy habit of buying your daily coffee can now make a huge impact on children’s lives on the other side of the world.