#BlissLane valentines event


Quit the pity party and call up your crew of single friends. Vodka is in the air and it’s time to party. Avoid the gooey-eyed, tongue locked couples this Valentine’s Day with Miss Bliss’s very first ‘She Loves Me She Loves Me Not’. Hosted by the dreamy (and to be topless) Acai Brothers, and the sweetest Miss Bliss, this little soiree will feature superfood cocktails, spiked acai bowls, MB eats, backyard games, and some good ol’ speed dating to get the heart strings a-tugging. So keep the family sized Ben and Jerry’s firmly in the freezer, leave Hugh Grant and his sensual British twang behind, band with your fellow unattached, and celebrate being single and leaving the toilet seat up. Who knows, you might end up with the bae of your dreams (probs not). 

The rundown:

Miss Bliss & Acai Brothers are rescuing your lonely Valentines Day with MBxAB ‘She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not” POP UP event.
Opening up #BlissLane to the public for the night, you can expect superfood cocktails (minimize that hangover), spiked acai bowls, delicious goods from the kitchens of Miss Bliss, backyard games, old school RnB and our very own Speed Dating hosted by the Acai Brothers, Ben & Sam. 


WHEN: February 14th, doors open 6:30pm – speed dating starts at 7:30pm

SPEED DATING: Register below prior to the day. Registration is by donation on the day to Paradise 4 Kids, helping feed, clothe and educate children in the third world.


Speed dating registration has now closed